Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dramatic England...

Having posted a picture of the Cross of St George flying from the illuminated inner keep of Clitheroe Castle a few months ago, I doubted that I would ever find a better image of our national flag, hence the absence of any further photos in what was, until that point, a short series of such shots.

I still think that shot is the best one I'll ever take, but the one which appears to the left runs it a very worthy second, even though this photo hardly does it justice.

As regular Thronistas may have gathered, I took it on my mobile as it dominated the skyline above the town of Settle in North Yorkshire.

In point of fact, stood at the vantage point from which I took this shot, I was spoilt for choice in terms of the sheer number of English flags I could see flying fom shops and other buildings in what is a very pleasant, old fashioned, and highly presentable English town.


Of course the most important one I can possibly imagine taking will be of the CoSG flying above the Palace of Westminster.

I'm really looking forward to taking that one...

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i albion said...

Yes, that will be the day pray it is not to long in is such a heart stopping flag,so simple,so chic ,so .........English!