Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beautiful England (2)

I took this photograph of Dunsop Bridge, a small village about ten or eleven miles from Clitheroe, on what will probably turn out to be the last sunny day of this summer.
The centre of the village itself is only tiny - the photo actually captures about half of it - but it is a truly beautiful place.
It is yet another of the Ribble Valley's (albeit the locals would probably say the Hodder Valley's) hidden jewels.
Just one word of caution for the prospective visitor; don't turn up expecting to find a village pub at which to slake your thirst: there isn't one!
By the way, who said that Lancashire was a place of dark satanic mills, cobbled streets, flat caps and whippets?
As Lord Melchett might have observed, "Au contraire, Blackadder..."

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