Thursday, February 17, 2011

From bad to worse...

I don't know which aspect of this case depresses me more; the fact that a fifteen-year-old mother was attacked in a busy, well lit Lancashire street by a gang of at least six other girls, or that at the time of the attack, the victim was pushing her 14 month-old child in its pram.

Because on any reading of the victim's situation, she must have given birth aged fourteen and given the human gestation period, it is entirely possible - indeed probable - that her child was conceived when she was only thirteen years old.

As a nation, we are surely going to Hell in a handcart; God help us.


Outed said...

As I have opined before, the best we can do is to keep hauling on the brakes as hard as we can.

This Royal Throne of Kings said...

I suspect that even if those who lead us know where they are and wer minded to apply them, the brakes are so badly corroded they wouldn't slow down our descent into irreversible chaos.