Friday, December 03, 2010

Well? Let's have their names, then...

It is now becoming clear that a number of the FIFA conclave, possibly as many as six, had 'promised' their votes to England in the first round of voting, only to susbsequently vote for someone else. Rumoured to be amongst these liars - what else are they, saying one thing and doing another? - is the truly appalling and dishonest Jack Warner of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Asociation. That would be the same Jack Warner who has been mired in previous corruption investigations and a man whose disdain for all things English goes before him.

It is as well that his name has emerged from the omerta which has surrounded the voting fiasco which cost England the tournament, because I think that our FA should now grow a pair, man up, or whatever other label you may choose to attach to it and publicly name each of the representatives who said they would vote for the English bid, before reneging and voting for another one, possibly under pressure from the utterly nauseating Blatter.

What have we (meaning the English FA, of course) got to lose by adopting such a course? They've made it perfectly clear that we won't be hosting the World Cup finals any time soon (2030 at least) because can't win in a fair competition, even when our bid to hold the tournament was streets ahead of the competition, so no problem there.

But they may exclude us from even taking part in future World Cups, I hear some faint-hearts cry...

Unlikely. If FIFA is anything it is a rapacious money making machine and the English pounds spent by our fans and our television channels are very much sought after by Blatter and his kleptocracy.

No. Name the guilty men. Publish their names in the English press the FIFA panjandrums so clearly fear and despise for their unerring ability to expose their deceit and graft.

Then we can approach each of them individually and ask them, in the full glare of publicity, why they lied to our faces.

We cannot allow this issue to simply die a death, or the whole sorry caravan of deceit graft and self aggrandisement which is the governing body of world football will simply carry on as if nothing had happened, even after the hideous Blatter and Warner have disappeared into well padded retirement, rather than the secure 8' by 10' rooms that both of them so richly deserve.


Anonymous said...

If it can be proved that the UK was invited to submit a bid, in a situation where we had no chance of success because of prior secret undertakings, there could be some grounds for legal action. The process of bidding is extremely expensive, and inviting bids for a deal that is already sealed, probably isn't legit.

Other than that, chalk this one up to experience, and be grateful that we are under no contractual obligations to FIFA to spend great tankerloads of taxpayers money.


Outed said...

Mmm hmm what, football? What's that Skippy "Its a rigged voting system and the Russians have had it in the bag for months....??"

I firmly believe that everyone that mattered knew the result well ahead of time and everyone spent the money anyway. The Incredible Forehead, The One That Isn't a Hewitt and Beckhams Groin might as well have a jolly as well. Its one of the last free floating international parties left. Plutocrats having fun that's all it is.

But Qatar? Qatar? You can take a joke too far.

This Royal Throne of Kings said...

I should know better than to allow myself to become exercised by events such as this, I really should.

But I'd still like to see Blatter exposed for the criminal he most assuredly is. The vile, mendacious bastard.