Friday, August 27, 2010

Renovation, renovation, renovation...

Just a quick word as to the reason for the recent posting hiatus here at the Throne.

In a moment of weakness, I acquiesced to Mrs RToK's 'suggestion' that we needed a new bathroom. There is now a large gap where the bath and shower used to be and four bare walls which used to be covered in perfectly serviceable - if admittedly dated - tiles, all of which were forcibly removed by my own (once fair, now gnarled and scarred) hands.

The plumber is due to return this Sunday to install the new 'suite', as I have learned to call it; but until then, it's showers at either work or a neighbour's house.

Enough said, I suspect.

I'll be back once the dusty cave which once served as the family salle de bain is returned to a usable condition...

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