Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sea, Sea, Seasiders!

Little did I imagine when I wrote this post on the demise of Burnley Football Club less than a month ago, that they would be immediately replaced in the Premier League by their Lancashire neighbours, Blackpool, who won a sparkling Championship play-off match with Cardiff City this afternoon at Wembley.
So, clubs based within the County Palatine once again comprise 40% of the teams making up the Premier League.
Many congratulations to Ian Holloway and his team. I suspect they will be partying even harder than usual in Blackpool tonight; and that's saying something...


Outed said...

...and Mr Holloway's CV presentation will forever contain the section
"and I took Blackpool to the Premier League. Lets break that down. Me. Blackpool. Premier League. When can I start?"

This Royal Throne of Kings said...

A truly impressive achievement; on a par with Owen Coyle's at Burnley twelve months ago.