Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kevin Myers and 'the English out of Ireland'...

Another post, another link to an article by Kevin Myers in the Irish Independent.

For once, I would take issue with some of his assertions - primarily written for an Irish audience as they may be. For instance, my regular reader cannot be unaware that this Englishman most definitely does take more than a passing interest in Irish history and Irish politics; I would, however, have to concede that I may be in something of a minority amongst my countrymen in that particular regard.

That said, I agree wholeheartedly that it is high time that we (in this instance the government of Britain, not England, as he deliberately misprepresents the case, presumably for effect) withdrew from any future role in the governance of the northern part of the island of Ireland.

I have been of that opinion for some time now, and I am in the process of formulating a post - probably quite a lengthy one, I suspect - to outline my position.

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Anonymous said...

I,m sure the native Americans would have something to say with regard to the land that they lost to the irish immigrants coming into their country, along with Irish immigration around the rest of the world. Surely the Irish can not complain of the Englisc being in Ireland when they have infiltrated through immigration much of the English Empire, surely also they must know that had they not sided with enemies of England in times past thus giving these enemies a back door into our country we may not have had any military/occupying situation with them. I like the Irish in general, a great people whom seem to hold no grudges in comparison to the scotch and welsh but they need to lose the chip.