Sunday, March 08, 2009

Buy Lancashire Tea...

The Throne doesn't normally 'do' advertising; not because of any ethical difficulties in doing so you understand, it's simply that I didn't start the blog with that in mind.

However, I am making an exception today for one product: Lancashire Tea.

If you find yourself in a Sainsbury's store within the borders of the County Palatine in the near future, short of what we in this county call "brewing tackle", please go and buy some Lancashire Tea.

Why? I hear you cry; what's wrong with my usual fare, why should I buy Lancashire Tea instead?

For two very good reasons: firstly, it makes a rattling good cup of tea and secondly, and far more importantly, the owners of the company which makes it will contribute five pence from every purchase of the product to the SSAFA Forces Help (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Family Association); an organisation committed to helping servicemen and women and their families, including their widows, widowers and dependents when they are in need.

So there you are. Next time you're doing the shopping, please buy some Lancashire Tea; you will be doing both your tastebuds and your country a favour.

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KingKongo said...

We tried it but it had an unpleasant taste.