Thursday, September 27, 2007

Physician heal thyself...

I read recently that the local community in the Norris Green area of Liverpool has expressed ‘concern’ that the killer of Rhys Jones has not yet been charged with the murder.

On the one hand, I can understand them; wouldn't every sensible person want the criminal caught?

But the police haven’t got a crystal ball and they are somewhat restricted by having to obtain evidence of someone’s guilt before he or she can be charged. And where do you suppose that evidence could, or should come from? CCTV? maybe, if they’re lucky.

But isn’t the real untapped source of evidence the people from that very community who either saw what happened, heard the offender bragging, washed his clothes, or helped the offender dispose of the weapon?

The police cannot operate in a vacuum; they require the assistance of honest, public spirited citizens who have witnessed crimes to come forward and help.

So instead of pointing the finger of blame at their police, perhaps the community in question should start examining their own consciences and provide the evidence which detectives are waiting for.

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