Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jacquie Oatley: why not?

Much debate and comment in the dead tree press and the sports media generally this week about the fact that Jacqui Oatley is to become the first female to commentate on a premiership football match this afternoon, when she describes the action from Craven Cottage, where Fulham entertain Blackburn Rovers.

As I have written here before, in those fields of human endeavour where matters of physical strength do not disadvantage women vis-à-vis their male counterparts, I cannot see why - if she has the requisite ability, which her bosses at the BBC clearly think she has - she should not take hold of the mike.

I wonder whether any of those who are criticising this decision similarly opposed the introduction of female newsreaders, or weather forecasters, because I can see no difference in their opposition to Jacqui Oatley other than their lumpen Chauvinism.

As an aside, has anyone else noticed the physical similarity between Jacqui and the actress Zoe Lucker, otherwise known as the scheming uber-totty Tanya Turner from the much lamented series ‘Footballers’ Wives’?

Yes, I know I’ve just undone my feminist credentials by making that observation, but you’ve got to say it as you see it, haven’t you!

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Frida said...

I agree. Did you watch match MOTD this Saturday? I believe she was holding the mic again!!